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The internet marketing domain is constantly changing. Social media marketing is no exception. How can this type of marketing improve business, and what exactly is Social Media Marketing?

Melbourne has a number of Internet Marketing companies claiming to have the answer, however few of them have the resources and the infrastructure to offer solutions to the cities vibrant clientele.

VAS Webwork is your answer when it comes to social media marketing. We invest our time and
resources to make sure we not only stay in tune with the latest developments in the field yet
constantly evolve to stay at the forefront of social media marketing There are a number of companies who offer user-friendly platforms to manage your needs for social media marketing. Melbourne, just like any city has its own trends, social culture, and other nuances that make “one fit all solutions” ineffective. Melbourne for example, has a very culturally diverse population, it is a very trend-aware city, with high use of internet technology and social
media. Marketing throughout Melbourne, however also requires the knowledge of ethnic
communities specific to industries, and townships. A marketing platform, made overseas would simply not work.


Social Media Marketing – What to do? Who to work with?

At VAS Webwork we have a decade of experience bringing business to local and foreign businesses through various means, including, yet not limited to Social Media Marketing. As a Melbourne based company we are fully aware of trends, industry specific nuances, geographical prevalence of certain industries, and other distinctions that make Social Media Marketing just that


Social Media services in Melbourne

Social Media consists of not only Facebook, Twitter and a bit lesser known LinkedIn; but
incorporates other social platforms. Melbourne is full of internet marketing companies, yet very
few of them are offering Social Media to their clients. Owing to the fact that to truly understand Social Media, one must continuously educate the staff and attend conferences on Social Media.

Very few business owners realize that platforms like Youtube, Stumble Upon, various bloging
systems, and social book marking sites are a great way to generate business via social media.
Youtube for example contains videos that, while do not sell products on their own, increase
conversion of websites. Also you can improve your SEO results, and increase the number of
visitors to your site via the use of Social Media.

Melbourne is also full of inquisitive and innovative people who blog, publish, review and spread information via Social Media. Business owners can benefit significantly from this active and innovative community, if they utilize the appropriate platforms to spread word of their business. It can be difficult to see how the sales will increase directly via this use of social media, yet the Melbourne businesses we deal with see the results.


What Does VAS WEBWORK offer for Social Media Marketing:


● Set up of custom ages for your company in the SM platforms appropriate to your industry.

● Create, maintain, and monitor your online SM community with reports and briefs
identifying trends, and sales opportunities utilizing Social Media Marketing specific tools.

● VAS department for Social Media Marketing realizes that a Brand, nowadays is a sum of
all conversations and public perception, expressed increasingly through the internet. We
have expertise and abilities to perform reputation management, and brand campaigns.

● At VAS we utilize our business development strategies for social media marketing clients,
that are focused on bringing in sales!

● Contact us to request a consultation for Social Media Marketing that is based on real
results, rather than empty promises and multiple SM profile pages.

The best advertising, and the best leads come from word of mouth, and guess what, this is
exactly what socially active consumers research, discuss, rate and other wise communicate on
the web. With the flexibility of targeting social groups based on a number of descriptive and quantitative criteria, Social Media Marketing, done by VAS Webwork has been successful with a number of businesses throughout Australia.


Join the App Revolution Today

Why Develop An App? If you are reading this you are researching why your business might be considering developing mobile app. There are so many reasons why tens of thousands of companies all over the world are embracing the app revolution.

If you’re a company in this modern business environment, you’re probably fully aware of smartphone applications. But have you ever considered the opportunities that exist for your company? By leveraging these possibilities, you can advance your company and marketing strategy in several meaningful ways.

Public Relations – by creating a mobile app, you can increase your brand’s engagement with the media. Advertising the app on big marketplaces and providing a quality product can help you get onto media lists for great apps. Apps are big, and lots of articles are being written about them. By creating a mobile app, you can increase your chances of being mentioned in one of these articles.

Boost the brand – creating an app can help you endear your brand to millennial users and potentially expand your customer base. Additionally, you can add a dimension of modernity to your brand that will help you advertise your company at a low cost.

Compete – Let’s face it, your competitors most likely have mobile apps. Unless you can compete with their advertising and brand outreach strategy, you run the risk of being left behind in the commercial hustle. And if your competitors have not adopted a mobile app strategy, you can always get ahead of the pack and adopt a mobile campaign to gain an edge in the industry.

Make money – it shouldn’t be ignored that smart phone apps can be very easily monetized. By offering your products or services using the app or advertising other companies on the pages of your application, you can introduce a whole new revenue stream to your business.

From App to Social Media –by establishing an app and engaging customers directly from their smartphone, you can increase your exposure to fans on social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. By forming these important connections, you can very likely increase your brand loyalty and drive profits.

Add function – a very important advantage of mobile apps is that they are, by definition, mobile. Mobile applications can provide a great amount of function to your product line by allowing your customers to access information and make online interactions from their phones. Enhancing the accessibility of your products and services is a great pathway to organically increasing customer loyalty by way of actually improving your product!

Why Develop An App? If you are still unsure about the merits of developing a mobile or web app for your business call VAS Webwork today for a hassle-free chat on whether an app is the right fit for your business.


Creating a mobile application can provide many benefits to your company and the best way to figure them out is to start developing a mobile app strategy today.

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